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I'm Taylor. Jesus follower. Adventurer. I'm a little silly. I enjoy a wide variety of things (like Disney and musical theatre and stuff). But, mostly, I enjoy getting lost with Jesus.
Anonymous asked:

Who are you crushing on? :O is everything okay!

Haha! Thank you for the concern, friend!

Everything is fine except that I know I can’t date him because, as far as I know, he’s not a Christian. And the reason that’s such a big deal is not because of the fact that he’s simply not a Christian, but because he wouldn’t be able to share in the faith that I hold so dear to me. That’s all. It’s a struggle, but it’ll be ok :)

Oh no.

Theatre people, I need your help.

I’m in MAJOR need of monologues from plays. I need comedic as well as dramatic, particularly comedic. 

Help a sister out, please?


Everyone meet Kim, her mom is our cook and basically our mom as well. They have become our family and the laughs we share are incredible. The other day I was able to sit down with Kim and really talk life with her, I was able to talk to her about The Lord. After sharing some verses with her and sharing what it means to have a relationship with Christ and to live our lives for Him, I asked her if that was something she would want, she said yes! And I was able to pray with her, and share a moment with her that I will never forget. Her beauty is shown through her smile and her joy but will be even more now that she has the light of Christ in her. | #PassporttothePhilippines

This is WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus! 

Shiprock Rock - New Mexico - USA (von Brad Mitchell Photography)

Thanks Triscik family! :) #ShareaCoke @carolinetriscik

We don’t need better sin avoidance techniques to be free, but a new vision of what God’s heart looks like. He wants to give us this vision.
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aaaaaaand this is what happens when I leave my phone on the ground. #rockclimbing #selfies
Rock climbing with the best of ‘em. #HersheyparkHappy #rockclimbing